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Palm Desert Sedation Dentist, Dr. Crowley is very concerned that each patient has a relaxing and positive experience during his or her dental treatment. Conscious sedation allows even the most anxious patient to have a relaxing and comfortable dental experience. New and safe oral sedation techniques may have many benefits for you.  Your comfort is our goal.


Oral sedation is a wonderful option for patients who need more than just nitrous oxide, but don’t need general anesthesia. It allows our Coachella area patients to be comfortably minimally sedated through an entire dental visit. You will be prescribed a pill to take one hour prior to your scheduled dental visit. It is imperative that you have someone drive you to and from your dental appointment.  You should not operate a motor vehicle for several hours after receiving this medication.

While all methods of sedation are very safe, the history shows that oral sedation has been especially safe, as well as very effective. Our office uses very common medications that are extremely safe and widely prescribed. Your vital signs will be constantly monitored from the moment you arrive at the office through the appointment, and until we are certain you are ready to leave. In fact, Palm Desert Sedation & Cosmetic Dentist, Dr. Crowley and his entire dental team are highly trained in safety and emergency procedures, making our Palm Desert dental office one of the safest places you can be!

Please contact our Palm Desert Cosmetic & Sedation Dentistry office if you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment with Palm Springs Sedation Dentist, Dr. Coulter Crowley. Click Here to schedule your appointment online. 


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